Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hubei, China Part 1

grandpa =)

Smoked meat. My grandpa makes it the bessttt

The roof where clothes are hung to dry

Visiting my great grandparents' grave. In China, they bring all these firecrackers and fake money. The fake money is supposed to be passed on to the other side when burned.

The river used to be perfectly clear and the sand used to be really white. All the sand was used for construction and the rivers are filled with trash. This was all done within 15 years. It's really sad =T

My dad and aunt =)

A crazy guy lives here and he basically wrote "the White House" on top of his door. He thinks he's the president.

Kitty paw prints!

This is actually where I grew up till I was 3 with my grandma. It was roomier back then but they built a lot of buildings around it. It's really ghetto right now. Our actual house collapsed a few years ago and this building was built on top of it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010