Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photo albums from the past

Very old photo album found at my grandma's

My parents on a date

My dad teaching his youngest sister. Haha he still looks exactly the same!

Aunties and Uncle. I always thought he looked like a military man. I don't think he is though...

This is a more recent picture that my grandma kept. It's my sister and I sitting on a bench in New Orleans next to some musicians (maybe homeless?) And those orange things are balloons... not pumpkins or melons

My grandma brought me up till I was 4. There she is! She looks so young there. It's so weird how her 80th birthday just passed. I miss her =( Oh and I'm the jolly looking kid in the yellow sweater. My aunt made it for me = 3

There's my dad! hahah he wore pleated pants back then and he wears pleated pants now.

Another relatively recent picture. This is my mom and I. I don't know where that is but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be something important O.O I see a Canadian flag so maybe somewhere in Canada?

My mom and I =) She told me that when I was a baby and she carried me on the bus, people would comment about how much she loved me because she kept giving me kisses and hugging me. O.O I can't really see that but o...kay.... lol

It's weird looking at old pictures and being in the town that I grew up in. It makes me realize how hard my parents worked to get here and all that they had to go through. Family is such an odd thing. Not that it's bad...just odd.


  1. that's a rad photo album! would be fun to replicate as a cake!

    i'm a 38. your phi shoes are? (drumroll)........

  2. They're a 39 lol. I'm a 38 too actually but I sometimes buy shoes too big because I really want them. They're not too big..and I guess if you have some thick socks =P. Email me at for pictures.

    That would be great as a ice cream fudge cake! haha