Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gap Designer SALE

Gap is having a CRAYYZEEE ass sale right now (well the one on 34th is) and a lot of the Alexander Wang and Vena Cava stuff is going for dirt cheap. Well, my motto is, "When you see something good, you gotta hoard it like it's your job". So, hoard I did.

Here are my goodies. >=)

The pants (29.99) and the shorts (17.97)

Got both of these too (29.99 and 19.99)

Got both of these too =X (19.99 and 19.99)

All these for less than $200. Not bad, not bad. I also just bought a white A.Wang tank from shoesandyourmom. I know it's all hyped out but I figure these are good basic pieces that I can style any way I want. There were a bunch of his jackets left yesterday. I don't know about now.

Anyways, time to go back to work. Coding coding coding...


  1. ah! good deals! you didn't get extra??? ;(

  2. OmG THEYRE ON SALE NOW?!?!?! UGH UGH UGH I bought my AWang (or my mom bought her) jacket at full price ): ): ): ):

  3. It was sold out on the website. I think it was just by chance. I got the H&M cdg drop crotches on sale too O.O REALLY ODD. right?

  4. OMG i saw this online and i thinking you would really like it. but wth.. you got all that stuff? why don't we go shopping after work!