Monday, November 30, 2009

Nothing of Everything

When I was younger, I used to go to every class possible (I guess it's an Asian thing). I learned ballet, tap, jazz, painting, drawing, how to play the flute, and how to play the piano. It's sad that none of these things have stayed with me till now. I tried playing the piano this weekend and after 15 minutes, I gave up. I tried drawing too and nothing came into mind. It's so frustrating. Now I'm programming, which is fine... but I feel like who I am now is not what I imagined when I was 5 or even when I was 18. My dad says that sometimes you have to adapt to what you're doing. It's better to enjoy what I'm doing rather than mope about what I'm not. I guess it's somewhat true.

I'm really not this emo. LOL

I'm listening to Canon in D right now and it reminded me of my ballet recital when I was younger.

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