Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIY for the BF

So...this DIY I will actually do. It's for my bf's Christmas present. He really liked this bag when he saw it on SuperFuture (He loves that site) and I promised him that I would make it, since neither of us has $975 to spare currently.

I already bought the rayon thread (all the way from India...Have you guys ever seen their packages? They're so cool. I want to order empty packages from there just to have it), leather from upstate NY (elkskin, lambskin, cow leather, everything), and fabric from Mood (I annoyed the shit out of the sales people).

Totally, I spent $250 on supplies. I'm really scared to start it because if it turns out like shit, I'll be really sad. And so will my bank account.

Any suggestions?

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