Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mini me

I ordered these dolls from StitchyLove a while ago. They were the best things ever. It was perfect. The doll looked exactly like my boyfriend, including the clothes. For $40 a doll, it's not bad at all, considering she takes the time to make the exact clothes that you want (pictures were sent). Sadly, I lost him when I was studying abroad in Korea. But wait! She's now selling patterns for the dolls (on sale for $4) and I can make him again myself! It probably won't be as good but at least the doll version of me won't be lonely haha.

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  1. sorry... T_T

    I still wonder where he went ??? I looked everywhere in my room... It's really too strange !!! I still feel strange when I think about him because I don't know where he is !