Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I keep my d*** in my pants, so I can point out what I want

Things I hoarded in the course of 2 days:Repetto Boots:
Imagine these without the elastic and with a laceup oxford look
(I'm retarded and I can't find a picture of them)
On sale for $129 at DEN

BCBG Runway dress:
I usually don't buy their clothes/shoes but it was on sale.
From the Fall/Winter 2007 Collection
The rest of the collection is ehhhh
But $69 to have saggy granny titties?

and more...
Pictures coming soon

$39 at Buffalo Exchange

$10 at some jewelry shop on Broadway

The BUST craft fair in Williamsberg was not as good as I thought it would be. I left sad and empty-handed. They ran out of goody bags too. I was so looking forward to it. They should sell goody bags on etsy. OH WAIT. no. I bought cupcakes. They were pretty good.

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