Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yun Jo Ko Kate & Emilia Bariamova

I can't find much information about her but Yun Ju Ko Kate released her Graduate collection (London College of Fashion) in January. I love the second dress. The rest of her collection is nice but doesn't wow me as much as the second dress. Also seen on Fashion156.com

The dress looks 10 times better in the editorial on Fashion156 probably because you see the movement of the dress more. The background probably completes the look.

Make sure to check out the other collections as well. Some of them are really amazing.

Here are some:

This is part of Emilia Bariamova's Graduate collection, who is also from London College of Fashion. She's more into knits it seems.
I love the first one. Looks like a bookbag was knit directly onto her back.

Why are the fashion schools in London so f*ckin good?!??!

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