Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Angelo Figus

I saw these really fluffy pointy shoes at Century 21 last week but didn't buy them because the bf claimed they were hideous (and also expensive). However, I thought about those shoes at least 3-4 times so I ran back to C21 when I had the chance. They were gone!!! I can't even find them on-line. I have NO idea where to buy them. They're really pointy...and really furry. I usually don't like pointy shoes but his were so beautiful. I think I stood there and stroked it for a good 10 minutes. If ANYONE has any info on him, let me know. THANKS!

OH and I know some things about him. He took a long break from making shoes and just came back. Instead, he does a lot of collabs with other designers/artists. For example, the above exhibition was done with Nicola Miller. He's amazing and that fuckin shoe was amazing. Why don't I have it?!?!!?

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