Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hatha yoga

I tried Hatha yoga last night and it was more of a success than last time, when I went into the intermediate class for my first ever yoga class. The instructor was so nice and she really made me relax.

The poses weren't too hard. The breathing was hard for me at first because of my allergies but after a while, it came naturally. After yoga class, I felt like my lungs could fill up with more air!

Compared to the Intermediate yoga class I took, I would say this one is easier, and more relaxing. Hatha yoga is definitely something I can deal with.

Hopefully I'll stick to it this time. I can't sit on a chair my whole life. My back hurts EVERY day and I was told by a masseuse that yoga will help.

Mimi! You should join my gym! You'll like it.

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  1. haha we communicate through blogs now? i heard about hatha yoga hmm..